Birdflesh​/​Organ Dealer Split 2017

by Organ Dealer

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All music written by Organ Dealer. All lyrics by Scot Moriarty. Recorded in February 2017 by Scot Moriarty at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, NJ. Additional engineering by Gabriel Francis. Mixed and mastered by William Blackmon at The Overlook in Gävle, Sweden.

Artwork and Design by Alex Eckman-Lawn


released May 26, 2017

Organ Dealer is:

Trevor Graham - Bass
Jeff Knoblauch - Guitar
Tom Maher - Guitar & Vocals
Scot Moriarty - Vocals
Eric Schnee - Drums

Additional Vocals by Jeff & Trevor



all rights reserved


Organ Dealer New Jersey


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Track Name: Violence Ensues
I try to breathe
I try to catch my breath

ghastly fingers are grabbing

I grit my teeth

rip skin for a chance
to break this grip on me
terror is breaking my will

I try to breath
I try to catch my breath
losing resolve

hot breath coats my cheek
stale air fills my chest

force this
force this down
force this

I feel
hot sweat coat my skin
stale blood fills my chest

I have lost
Track Name: An Ending
well, it was all true
every so-called forewarning

shrugged off, forgotten and cataloged
the whole committee of like-minded souls

a man, he looks around
tries to give some comfort
crying is all he hears
what was he expecting?


countryside is overwhelmed
isn’t enough to describe
a pervasive sense of dread
mind circles around again

suffering, showering
as a submission to the sea
it becomes a certain destiny
leaving an empty hollow
Track Name: Caged Resentment
more noise happens
will I block it out?

will I speak my mind or will I
sit in silence as always seems to happen

bite my tongue
unless i want
to be cast out
berated too

aftermath looks like a sure thing
picturing myself staring in the mirror
in self loathing

trapped inside this cage
and choosing to remain

disappoint day to day
anger and pain seem to validate
what’s the end objective?
after all of this what’s next on their list

remain silent
Track Name: Chemical Reaction
terror, horror, abhorrence
unease, distress, it’s foreboding
nightmare, dismay, phobia
tremor, cold sweat, reverence

what could have caused this?
how long before easing?

neuron connectivity
it's dopamine reaction

terror, horror, abhorrence
unease, distress, foreboding
flood of chemical cause fast pulse
weak and unsteady framework

fervent breath
fight or flight

tremors (immunal)
cold sweat (suppression)
panic (dilation)
it’s reaction
Track Name: Exasperated
can't control myself
I am past that point

an unconscious boiling point that seems to control me

life long branch of my
reactive conduct

an explosive boiling point that has control of my...

actions are impulsive
my actions are impulsive and blind

is there comfort I don't know of
any solace soon forthcoming
burning white hot at the center
this faculty renders pain

sneaky neighbor feigns its cover
all i have is realization

heat begins to fill my gut and guilt fills up my mind

why can't I
why can't I
why can't I
can't I cope?

I'm a prisoner of myself with
allies that I push away and
the only way there is change is
if I start the climb
start the climb
start the climb
start the climb
make your step
Track Name: Dilemmas of he Blind
is there cause in this life
I try hard to be moral
who can hear when I say
or wonder what should be done

spectors, spirits, poltergeists

omnipotent ghosts
floating in nothing?

trudging onward through this muck
tolerate disquietude
wanting to subdue the thoughts
that aren’t a part

how to accept / how to know for sure
is there any salvation from this?
what can I do while I am still here?
the worst part is just not knowing what succeeds
Track Name: Controlled Submission
fear has its grip on me
I feel it physically

she can see it plainly
it's not hard to tell
blind men, they could suffice it from
the silence in the air

tap into a part of myself
that part is not alive here
lost resolve can find its way home
fairy tales you tell yourself
I have viewed such goods in cohorts
they are lying you will see
what will become of myself
reach for me and I will guide

mind is made up
psyche controls the body

give into your anxiousness
give into the discomfort

hope does not exist here
hope is just a figment
hope becomes my nightmare
Track Name: The Familiar Darkness
wait, come back, I can’t seem to fall asleep
it’s dark in here and I don’t want to be alone

there is not a thing in the darkest corners that can do any harm

so, sleep tight

seems to be a familiar tail
small girl meets shadow, fills herself with doubt
father brings comfort hurriedly
without a sign of hesitation

there is not a thing in the darkest corners that can do any harm

no time for tales, it’s much too late for that
just close your eyes, you’ll be asleep in no time

and the light creeps out
leaving her surrounded
Track Name: Consent to Hatred
is there a fix handy for this setting
imagine you see the hatred of your peers
barreling toward brutal acceptance of
pure hatred and consent of violence

wrestling with the outcome of where we all will end up
brutal consent
unheard outcome

hard to tell what could be coming
could be that we end up fine
brutal consent
unheard outcome

just can’t help but to see it all pass
just as it has before

barreling toward brutal acceptance of
pure hatred and consent of violence

everyone's talking
pipe down
ignorant companions

struggling with this justification, callous and dismissive
can’t find my place
In this

time is the only agent
that can give any close
it may be these thoughts are naught
it may be that there is loss
either way, resentment