Visceral Infection

by Organ Dealer

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Release date 7/14/2015 in association with Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. All Songs written and performed by Organ Dealer. Recorded at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, NJ during the month of October 2014 with Kevin Antreassian.

Art by Alex Eckman-Lawn


released July 14, 2015

Organ Dealer lineup as of April 2016:
Trevor Graham - Bass
Jeff Knoblauch - Guitar
Thomas Maher - Guitar
Scot Moriarty - Vocals
Eric Schnee - Drums

Organ Dealer lineup on this recording:

Trevor Graham - Bass
Jeff Knoblauch - Guitar
Scot Moriarty - Vocals
Eric Schnee - Drums
James Stivaly - Vocals & Guitar



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Track Name: KPC-Oxa48
Seeing the world, gathering cultural knowledge
Balanced out, by tedious surgeries
To make life, easier, unknowingly
Changing the course of history

Infections, spread into, panic
Violence, becomes a, probability

Laying naked, strapped down
In the CDC
Last wish denied, the Sun’s loving rays
Will never again, reach me

In my own personal Auschwitz 
For "the good of humanity”
Supposedly, nature knows no good, or evil
Just, balance and imbalance
Track Name: No Answer
Dreams alive in her eyes
Shown from the lights over head
Hope comes out form her beating heart
As her knees hit the floor tonight

Shaky, palms up
There’s no, answer

Worry, will kill her
Slow and still
Worry, is killing me 
Just as well

Make your mind up
I can't sit here
There's a choice here
That i can't make

Will she sit and wallow
Only time can answer me
Track Name: Piss & Gasoline
She bares her soul, 
And it gives her the hope that she needs
To find herself 
While her search, moves through cities

Cries & cries & cries &

So far so good she says to herself
So far so good isn’t what she feels

One foot forward
Slowly marching
She can
She can
One foot forward
She can
She                can 
City lights are swaying her
Guiding her like stars at sea
Track Name: The Pear of Anguish
I said something I should not have 
Hands grad my legs and pull me in 

Thoughts of panic 
Fill my head 

Come and help me, aid me, save me 
Comfort me 

Crackled laughter 
Taunts my skin 

Cold and Damp 

Feels so cold with a blinding grief 
These clammy walls are my only friend 

Why are they so quiet? 
Worse is that I can't see 
Just a gentle flickering 
That won't let me be 

Hands grab my legs and pull me in 
Hands at my throat, no feeling left 

No more panic fills my head 
Crackled laughter calms my being, I am among friends 

Acceptance has sunken in 
I'm left gaping shivering and all my friends have left
Track Name: Festering Maze
Turn the dial
Fill your lungs
Call your mother dear

There's a time
In my life
When i choose to flee

Stand on your feet
Master you fervor
We can't give up
Fall in to gear

Try again until we get it hand in hand
This is not the time for us to give in

Try again until we get it hand in hand
This is not the time for us to give in 
We'll push forward this is nothing head up
Fall in right behind me this time I….

Choose to live
Lean on me, please
Track Name: Anencephaly
Prognosis for all patients is, death
before you even know your growing, an empty head

Brain completely absent
Artificial, ventilation
Hopes of, termination
Focus on a basic, moral, philosophy

Completely useless fetal afterbirth
Never, aggressively resuscitated 
No chance of a conscious existence
Purest form of human waste

Neural, tube defect
Harvest, right after death
Before, the organs are guarded
By fanatics 

Brainless, living being
Completely, Ignorant
Of, mental deformities
Track Name: Consumed
Pulsing through my heart it's rising 
Thinking can I really die 
Just when I have started living 
Falling faster to my hell 

It's a burning in my chest and 
No more feeling in my legs and 
All this time it's been here and i've 
Never felt it anywhere 

It is taking over 
Halt and stopped my life 

I cannot see straight 
Something's coming at me 

Swallowing me whole
Track Name: Black Dolphin
Bent at the waste head down and cuffed
Blind-folded with violent thoughts of
How you got here what waits for you
That you’ll never be free

Watch towers built in your mind
You have nothing left but time
Losing a lifetime of sanity
Every day you spend in this place

Swim in the black dolphins wake
Your left to rot alone
We’re just the products
From a factory of hate

Your own mind eats you alive
Starting, internally
All you have is your own mistakes

Being watched as you decompose
Attentive even through your death
In a cell within a cell
Belt-weight, lobotomite
Track Name: The Creeper
The most malicious, the most sadistic
A crude surgeon well versed in gore
The grandest schemer, the coldest creeper
You set the standard for low

Your perfect prey, Poor lonely soul
The woman of his dreams
You are a sight to behold

A callous mind, with frozen fingers
The bodies pile
As your profit margins soar

You lead the fly, into your web
A desperate fool
Searching for companionship

Down into a tub of ice
Cutting deeper with her knife
Thought you were some lucky schmuch
Your organs are all fucked
Thought he found company
Turned into misery
A bleeding, gaping hole
Fresh organs to be sold

Note dripping down the mirror
Is it written in my blood?
Cold tiles on my skin
Never feel safe again
Track Name: Pyrophillia
Thick, dark, dim, stale
Coughing stagnant breath

Belching smoke into the sky
As it gorges on air
Turning life-force into death
Stopping the will for existence

Wailing tenants, and snaps of wood
Are the sounds of the end, that no life persists

Thicker, darker, blinding
Coughing sour blood

Get down on the floor and crawl
Until your lungs give out on you

Who would have thought
Such a glow
Radiant and
Their end is slow
Track Name: Small Talk
Same old shit, different toilet
Day by day you repeat that process
Banal conversations eat at 
What willpower i have left
Images of needles inching
Slowly into my retina
As you talk about the weather 
I’ll show you whats in my head

(banality is tyrannical within the soul
even freedom is frightening to the ignorant mind
i tell myself)

The needle sinks deeper in
Every worthless word you spit

Perfect analogy for the
Thoughtless trap your life became
I make my dream reality
As the syringe plunges deep

Perfect analogy for the
Thoughtless trap your life became
I make my dream reality
As the syringe plunges deep

Through my eyelids into the 
Ocular, cavity
Ahh release
Ahh release